Machine Learning and Big Data @ Uber : A Table of Two Systems


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分享时间:2018-08-26 14:30-15:30


Uber Engineering Manager, Big Data Department

Zhenxiao is an Engineering Manager at Uber, where he runs Interactive SQL engine, columnar format, and caching projects for big data. Previously, Zhenxiao led the development and operations of SQL engine at Netflix and worked on big data related projects at Facebook, Cloudera, and Vertica. Zhenxiao holds a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a bachelor’s degree from Fudan University.


From determining the most convenient rider pickup points to predicting the fastest routes, Uber uses data-driven machine learning to create seamless trip experiences. Within engineering, big data powers machine learning to inform decision-making processes across the board. As we expand to new markets, the ability to accurately and quickly use data to make predictions becomes even more important.

In this talk, we will talk about how Uber evolves its big data platform and machine learning platform, and finally, they converge into one system. We will start with production Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning use cases. Then talk about the details of how Uber built big data platform to power the machine learning models and algorithms. We will cover the details of our data caching design and implementation, which greatly speed up our machine learning jobs. And finally, talk about how our big data platform and machine learning platform converge into one system.


This talk is for Data Scientist, Software Engineers, and Businessman, who are interested in:
• How to deploy and develop artificial intelligence in industry
• How to build platform to implement machine learning models and algorithms