Managing intelligent products


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Alexis Zheng

Grab Product Lead

Alexis is currently Product Lead at Grab Ventures launching new products in the Personal Mobility space. She previously developed machine learning solutions at Uber managing Personalization and Dynamic Pricing products, as well as at LinkedIn managing NLP products. Previously a management consultant at McKinsey, Alexis has 10+ years experiences leveraging big data solutions to solve business problems in industries such as tech, financial services, travel, logistics and transportation.


Today more and more products are intelligent. Your favorite app knows your preferences, social media recommends vacation spots your friends have just been too, job sites pay attention to your career goals. Even your offline experiences are enhanced with ML trained, always connected devices able to recognize your voice, image, and unlocks by your face. As a product manager, we are always debating when to use intelligence to optimize conversion, and when to introduce more freedom so the experience is more authentic. Today we will talk about building (or not) ML based products in the real world.


This is to introduce ML based products and the insights and challenges we have experienced building these products.