AI Driven Selling-The Rapid Rise of Chatbots in the B2B selling


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Ken Johnston

Microsoft Principal Data Science Manager

Ken Johnston is a Principal Data Science Manager on the Microsoft Core Data Science team where for the past four years he and his team focus their research on building AI and ML models for Post Sales Monetization, AI Driven Selling, and Business Intelligence for the commercial and education segments. He is a frequent presenter, a regular blogger, and an author. Since joining Microsoft in 1998 Johnston has filled many other roles, including GPM for Bing Data Quality and Measurements and Group Engineering Manager for Bing Shopping and Data Operations. For two and a half years (2004-2006) he served as the Microsoft Director of Test and Operations Excellence. He earned his MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business in 2003. His is a co-author of "How we Test Software at Microsoft" and contributing author to "Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation." For more information contact him through twitter @rkjohnston or LinkedIn https://w


AI is rapidly consuming and automating many of the traditional sales roles such as lead scoring and conversion, directed marketing campaigns, and even scheduling meetings. Even traditional AB testing is on the decline as AI becomes more embedded in the selling process. In this presentation Ken Johnston presents a framework for thinking about the use of AI in B2B selling and then drill in deeply on the rapid growth in the use of chatbots. No longer does a potential buy come to a site and request some materials via email. Instead the chatbot window is constantly popping up from the lower corner of the web page asking if it could be helpful, engaging with the buyer, answering their questions, encouraging them to look at more resources and even trying to book meetings. Ken will demonstrate some of the latest tools used for developing and training chatbots for selling. Users will leave the session understanding that AI Driven selling is happening and the transformation will be rapid a